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Thomas BeatieLike his children, stories about Thomas Beatie’s third pregnancy are popping out all over the place.

Although, regardless of what the press said, Beatie was not the first trans man to become pregnant or give birth, when his first pregnancy hit the media machine, I found myself mildly interested.

When he became pregnant a second time, it was old news.

Now he’s pregnant again, and the media people, for some reason, continue to act as if they’d never seen a pregnant trans man before. But they have — Thomas Beatie.

This is nothing against Beatie. It’s the media that wants to make something out of nothing. Give it a rest, people. Let the Beaties live their lives in peace. I’m sure Jessica Simpson is doing something that somebody cares about right now. Check that out instead. (more…)


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2010Personally, 2009 has been just so-so, and I’m looking forward to starting a “new year,” even though the “starting over” thing is purely psychological. But for the community as a whole, 2009 has provided some successes, some setbacks, and some downright sleepers. Here are just a few of each, in my opinion:

The Best:

Chaz Bono comes out: A major boost for trans recognition and acceptance, particularly for the “invisible” female-to-male set, Bono’s public transition (he has no other choice) has allowed non-trans people to see that anyone can be trans, and that gender issues are not confined to some specific oddball set of the population that they can ignore, sweep under the carpet, or therapize into submission. It has also forced non-trans people to recognize trans men — “Wow, you mean there are guys out there, too?”

Hate crimes verdict in the Angie Zapata case: While acknowledging that there are two sides to the hate crimes issue, and I haven’t yet decided which side I’m on, I still like this verdict — the first in the country to recognize trans status as a hate-crimes motivator in a murder. It has allowed non-trans people to see that trans people cannot be ignored, swept under the carpet, therapized into submission — or brutally murdered — without some ramifications. (more…)

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Thomas BeatieI wasn’t going to comment.

I’ve already given my opinion on Thomas Beatie on another blog, in another year, when he was pregnant with his first child. But he’s back in the news, and how can a self-respecting trans blog fail to comment?

The fact is that I just don’t care that Thomas Beatie has had another baby. It’s none of my business. And it’s none of the world’s business, either, although the world seems to think otherwise.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that Beatie’s pregnancies and births have caused such international chaos. I do know that some trans people are uncomfortable with I have before called the “Barnum & Beatie Circus.”

Some of us think that it reflects badly on us — that it makes us look like “freaks” or that it turns the concept of gender transition into a sideshow, making it appear less serious than it really is. Some of Beatie’s harshest critics come from his own community. But so do some of his biggest supporters. (more…)

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