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ChampagneIn April 2014, Tranifesto celebrates five years as a blog. After a couple of shaky experimental posts, my first real blog post was Angie Zapata: A Historic Verdict, about the history-making verdict in the murder trial of Allen Andrade.

In the beginning, I posted almost every day – news items, opinion pieces, interviews, and whatever I thought was interesting or important. Pretty soon, the near-daily blogging became overwhelming, and I set up a twice-weekly schedule – Mondays and Thursdays.

And because I was getting so many questions privately, I decided to introduce the Ask Matt feature, so other people could benefit from the information and so that readers could give their input. That way, the questioner could get more than just my thoughts on the matter. While the feature started out slow, it became so popular that it’s pretty much what I’ve done on the blog for the past couple of years. I’ve loved it, and I think it’s been quite valuable. I hope that readers feel the same.

After a while, twice a week became a little difficult to keep up, and I changed my posting schedule to once a week, but with the amount of Ask Matt letters that came in, I usually ended up writing two posts anyway. I am now caught up on Ask Matt letters. If you wrote one to me and it didn’t get published, it’s because I didn’t get it. Sometimes things online can go astray. My intention was to answer every one.

So now I’m caught up, and I’m moving into the five-year mark. I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to do to celebrate five years of Tranifesto, and I finally decided – I want to take a break. At least I want to take a break from posting on a regular schedule. I doubt that I will ever take a break from writing, or from voicing my opinion on things, or from trying to help where I can. But for now, Tranifesto is staying up as a resource, and I will add new posts as the urge strikes me.

In order to make Tranifesto more user-friendly, I changed all my categories, and then I went back through every post that I have written over the last five years and re-categorized them all. I hope that this will allow people to more easily find the information they are looking for. For an explanation of the categories and links to all the posts under a specific category, go to my About Tranifesto page. (more…)


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Today we have two posts from young trans guys who are dealing with various issues surrounding gender expression and transition while still in high school and living with parents. One is concerned with where to live in order to medically transition, since Mom doesn’t approve and won’t allow it. The other deals with binding and peeing dilemmas.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions for these readers. I think I’ve said this before, but I can never say it enough – thanks for reading and thanks for your support.

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As I continue to work through my backlog, please bear with me. Today we have two posts, with two letters each. One deals with alternatives to testosterone for those who can’t, or don’t want to, take it (I really don’t know any alternatives, so I’m hoping that readers can help). The other deals with some emotional and legal matters with regard to hormones and transition.

As always, thank you for your patience as I work to get caught up. Thank you for your comments and suggestions for the writers. And thank you very much for reading!

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Today we have four questions in two posts. One post deals with coming out in two very different circumstances (to a fiancée’s family and to a new date). The other deals with gender identity, sexual orientation, and the confusion, confluence, and sometimes conflation of the two. Reader comments are welcome and encouraged.

In the past ten days or so, I have been overloaded with Ask Matt questions. I was catching up, and now I’m far behind. In order to maintain my sanity and not irritate readers who might have to wait a month to have a question answered, I am putting a hold on the feature right now to allow me to catch up. So I will be answering the questions that I currently have in queue, but I will not be taking any new questions.

For those who have questions, I recommend going to my About Tranifesto page, which explains my various blog categories (on the right-hand column of this blog). I have redone my blog categories in an attempt to give readers an easier way to navigate the blog to find the information they might be looking for. Hopefully, you will be able to get your question answered, at least in part, by reading similar questions and answers.

And never forget to read the Comments section of any posts that you find helpful. My readers are great at relating their own experiences and offering a variety of thoughts and opinions, giving you a lot of information to think about and a lot of views to consider in making your decisions.

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Today’s posts involve a teenager from a very small town who isn’t sure whether or not he can transition in that town, but has no real way to get out. And first he has to convince his parents that transition is the necessary path for him. Next, we have a college student who wants to know how to change his friends’ perception of his gender – a tough, and sometimes impossible, thing to do.

As always, reader input is welcome and appreciated. I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a great time attending the Colorado Gold Rush Conference in Denver, which was definitely a success, with possibly a record number of attendees – or close, anyway.

Thanks for reading!

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Today we have some interesting letters. The first is from a person whose parents have responded inappropriately to things in the past, and he is concerned about coming out to them as trans. The second is about reclaiming language for use in your own identity. In my answer, I give my three criteria for language reclamation.

As always, I hope to hear reader thoughts and opinions on both of these issues, and I thank you for reading. I’m getting a little bit behind again, so those who have written, stay tuned. I am doing my best to get caught up. Thanks for your patience.

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Today we have two letters dealing with transition. One asks, “What do I do first? And next?” The other asks, “How do I believe my child is trans and is going to transition?” Hopefully, readers will have thoughts about both.

I’m writing this before the Super Bowl, so by the time you are reading this, your favorite team may have won – or lost. I’m in Denver, so we’ll see how the Broncos do!

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